package matchbox

Package object which supplies implicits providing common UDF-related functionalities.

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AnyRef, Any
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Type Members

  1. class ImageDetails extends AnyRef

    Information about an image.

    Information about an image. e.g. width, height.

  2. implicit class WWWLink extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object ComputeImageSize

    Image sizing utilities.

  2. object ComputeMD5

    Compute MD5 checksum.

  3. object ComputeSHA1

    Compute SHA1 checksum.

  4. object DetectLanguage

    Detects language using Apache Tika.

  5. object DetectMimeTypeTika

    Detect MIME type using Apache Tika.

  6. object ExtractBoilerpipeText

    Extract raw text content from an HTML page, minus "boilerplate" content (using boilerpipe).

  7. object ExtractDate

    Gets different parts of a dateString.

  8. object ExtractDomain

    Extracts the host domain name from a full url string.

  9. object ExtractImageDetails

    Extracts image details given raw bytes.

  10. object ExtractImageLinks

    Extracts image links from a webpage given the HTML content (using Jsoup).

  11. object ExtractLinks

    Extracts links from a webpage given the HTML content (using Jsoup).

  12. object ExtractTextFromPDFs

    Exacts texts from PDFs using Apache Tika.

  13. object GetExtensionMIME

    Get file extension using MIME type, then URL extension.

  14. object RemoveHTML

    Removes HTML markup with JSoup.

  15. object RemoveHTTPHeader

    Remove HTTP headers.

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